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Two year olds

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Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center - Two Year Olds

Your two year old has grasped the ideas of running and playing freely, and now he or she wants to do things independently. Through nurtured growth, your two year old is becoming more social and enjoying playing with other children. Our educators understand your child's emerging independence and will offer him or her a small group play, as well as individual activities to foster language, literacy, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Highly developed learning experience

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Ensure your young child is receiving the educational experience he or she needs to develop at an early age. Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center combines fun and play with learning to help them grow!

Our two year old program is educational and fun!

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At Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center, we use the High Reach Learning program to provide your two year old with educational experiences. High Reach has researched and developed activities aimed at maximizing your child's learning in math, sensory play, socialization and communication.


We use fun and play to educate, including reading books, working on puzzles, building structures with blocks, and playing with water and sand.

You'll enjoy our daily child reports

Your two year old's educator will verbally discuss your child's day at our center, and also provide you with a detailed report describing what they ate, when they slept, and what activities they

engaged in.