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Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center - Toddler Program

They crawled, rolled, weebled and wobbled, and now your toddler is on the go! You know better than anyone else just how much your toddler loves to explore. At Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center, our toddler educators understand your toddler's energy, curiosity and excitement, and we use that to help him or her grow!

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Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center is a Christian-based learning facility. We foster your toddler's development with engaging activities and learning plans tailored to his or her milestones!

Our toddler program transforms their energy into growth!

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Your child is unique in his or her own ways, so why should they get the same program as every other kid? We'll develop custom lessons and learning experiences based on your toddler's developmental milestones, fostering his or her skills in language, literacy, intellectual understanding, and physical, social and emotional development.

Communicating your toddler's growth

Each day our toddler educators will share your child's daily activities and events with you, both verbally and on your toddler's Daily Report. You'll see a record of what your toddler ate, when they slept, and what activities they enjoyed that day.