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A fun children's summer program

Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center - Summer Program

Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center has developed a fun and engaging Adventure Summer Camp! This action-packed program transform regular child care into a true summer camp-like destination, where your child can meet new friends, enjoy new experiences and partake in themed activities!

Educational arts and crafts

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Enroll in our School Age program

Build on your child's education with our before- and after- school program. We complement their current curriculum with unique, fun and engaging activities that build on their

school experiences.

We promote additional learning in our School Age program!

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We'll pique your child's interests in the arts and crafting with activities like painting, wood carving, ceramics, and other fun hands-on activities! Your child will build new things and create new ideas to express his or her personality and style.

Exciting trips and group activities

We'll take trips to the pool twice a week, safely teaching your child how to swim! He or she will also enjoy our skating activities, building strength and confidence each time!


Each week your child will engage in themed activities that draw inspiration from history, art, science, and culture.

After-school tutoring

We happily offer tutoring during our summer program! If your child requires a little more confidence, or guiding knowledge to excel at his or her academia, you'll find proud educators willing to help at Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center. And of course, snacks are provided during tutoring sessions!