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Exciting classroom experiences

Educational preschooler program

Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center - Preschoolers

Child development research tells us that before your child reaches age six, he or she will learn best through concrete experiences. At Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center we fully embrace this concept, and expose your 3 to 5 year old through sensory learning - touch, taste, sight, sound and smell! Our educators understand your child's stage of development, and work to provide them with challenging but fun activities.

Learning through reading

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Daily preschooler reports

You'll be provided both a verbal and written daily report of your preschooler's activities. This will include what they enjoyed playing or engaging in, what they ate, and other notable information.

Our preschooler program promotes diverse learning!

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Our Mother Goose Time is a literacy-based curriculum that gives your child inviting experiences through the fun of reading! We'll also offer additional activities to meet your child's individual needs, as they relate to his or her milestone checklist. We'll focus on growth, language, literacy, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Exciting classroom experiences

At our Sprouts learning center, each preschool classroom is arranged into a learning center that promotes independence, creative thinking and encouraging initiative.


Your child may:

  • Explore leaves and rocks in science and discovery

  • Estimate the number of jellybeans in a jar in math and


  • Build a skyscraper in the block center

  • Create a collage or a ceramic animal in the art center

  • Learn to measure and pour water in sensory play

  • Pretend to be a zoo keeper using a zoo prop box in the home


  • Read a book with their friends in language and literacy

  • Practice math skills with a friend on the computer

  • Strengthen his or her muscles with aerobic exercise in

        outdoor play