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Parents or guardians are welcome to visit Kalyn's any time during hours of operation to observe your child, the operations and program activities, without having to secure

prior approval.


If you have any questions or concerns about Kalyn's policies or procedures, please speak with Kalyn's Director to review and discuss them.


Parents or guardians need approval from the Directory before participating in Kalyn's operations or activities.


Kalyn's most recent licensing report is located in the front hall, and a copy of the minimum standards is located in the front office, and can be reviewed.


Parents or guardians may contact Licensing at 1-817-321-8615, the PRS Child Abuse hotline at 1-800-252-5400, or visit

Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center - Policies

Below you'll find some frequently asked questions concerning our facilities, educators, and other policies - and of course, the answers to your questions! If you require additional information, are interested in touring our facilities, or plan to enroll your child in Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center, please give us a call!

"What are your hours of operation?"

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Enroll in our School Age program

Build on your child's education with our before- and after-school program. We complement their current curriculum with unique, fun and engaging activities that build on their school experiences.

We promote additional learning in our School Age program!

Have questions about enrolling? Call now!

Kalyn's is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


For any child not picked up by closing, there is a late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child. The person picking up will be required to sign a late release form. If you are going to be late for any reason, a courtesy call is required.

"How do I enroll my child?"

Parents or guardians must fill out and sign all sections of the Enrollment Packet, and provide us with a copy of your child's current immunization record.


An enrollment fee of $45.00 is due upon enrollment of your child.


A supply fee of $50.00 is due annually.


When enrollment policies change, parents or guardians will be notified in writing.

"How does tuition work, and when is it due?"

Tuition is to be paid on Monday or Tuesday of each week. Tuition is considered late after Wednesday.


This charge reserves a spot for your child each week. There will be no deduction or refund for missed days and / or weeks.


A late fee of $5.00 a day will be charged to your account for unpaid tuition.




"Are you closed on holidays? Which ones?"

Kalyn's will be closed for the following holidays:


New Year's Day

Memory Day

July 4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day, and the Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day


If any holiday falls on Saturday, Kalyn's will be closed on the Friday before that day. If any holiday falls on Sunday, Kalyn's will be closed on the following Monday.

"Can my child go on vacation without paying tuition?"

Qualifying families are eligible for one week of vacation time each year.


To be eligible for this week, your tuition account must be paid in full and your child must have been enrolled and attended Kalyn's for one consecutive year. Vacation cannot be used on any holidays or spring break. Vacation following the 1st year must be taken one year after the previous year.


Requests for a vacation week must be made two weeks before the vacation with the center's director.

"What are your medical record policies?"

Parents or guardians must provide a Doctor's statement that their preschool child is physically able to particulate in our childcare program.


Parents or guardians must provide a copy of their child's immunization record showing immunization against: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Haemophilus, Influenza type B, Hepatitis type B and Varicella. For school-age children, the parent or guardian can sign a statement stating the child's immunization records are on file at the school the child attends.


Parents or guardians of children 4 years of age or older must provide proof of a Hearing and Vision Screening within 120 days of enrollment. The parent or guardian can instead sign a statement stating the child's screening records are on file at the school the child attends.

"What is your policy on illness?"

We CAN NOT accept your child at any of our centers if he or she has:


1. A temperature over 99 degrees orally.

2. Diarrhea and/or vomiting.

3. Any undiagnosed rash.


You will be called to pick up your child if any of the above conditions occur while your child is at Kalyn's.


If your child appears seriously sick or injured while at Kalyn's, we will call you immediately. It is imperative that you pick up your child as soon as possible.

"Can you administer my child's medication?"

Kalyn's staff will assist with administering medication, but we cannot be solely responsible for doing so. See our guidelines for administering medications below:











Parents or guardians must sign an authorization and include times for Kalyn's employees to administer each medication according to the label's directions.


The medication must be in the original container, and be labeled with the child's full name and the date it brought to Kalyn's.


Over-the-counter medications must be age appropriate, or we must have a Doctor authorization to administer.

"What are your meal plans?"

Your child will be provided one nutritious lunch each day.


A mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack will be provided each day.


Please notify the Directory of your child's center, in writing, if your child is on a restrictive diet or has allergies to certain foods. You may need to supplement our menu.


A monthly lunch menu and a monthly snack menu will be posted.

"Who can pick up my child?"

Children will only be released to a parent, guardian or a person designated by the parent

or guardian.


Anyone other than the parent or guardian picking up the child will need to show a picture I.D., that will be photocopied by our staff.


A person may be designated by adding their name to your child's enrollment papers.

"What is your transportation policy and procedure?"

Children will be transported to and from school with a written permission from the parent or guardian.


Each child must have an emergency release on file at Kalyn's.

"Where can I get your notifications?"

A copy of any notifications will be posted in the front office for parents and guardians.


A copy of the daily menu is located in the hall outside your child's classroom.


Monthly calenders will be posted in the hall outside your child's classroom.

"How do water activities and field trips work?"

Parents' or guardians' permission must be on file for your child to participate in any outdoor water activities, or to go on any field trips.


Parents or guardians will be notified in advance when water activities and field trips

are scheduled.


Field trip information will be posted in the front office and in your child's classroom.

"What is your clothing policy?"

We ask that you send your child in flexible and weather-appropriate clothing.


We ask that you send your child with one extra set of clothes.

"Can I visit my child during the day?"