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A nurturing, safe infant program

Kalyn's Country Day Learning Center - Infant Program

Our infant educators know that above all else, love is the key to unlocking your little one's confidence and expressiveness. We understand how difficult it is for you to trust the well-being of your infant to another person. Our educators take the utmost pride in developing a strong relationship with you, the parents, as well as your infant.

A baby's right time to develop is now!

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Contact any of our three facilities to schedule a tour, ask questions, and enroll your infant in our daily-care program! We maintain two locations in Weatherford, and one location in Willow Park.

An infant program that's tailored to your baby's milestones!

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From his or her first breath, your little one is ready to take in a big, mysterious world and learn. Our educators have comprehensive knowledge of how to engage your infant with educational experiences that are fun, exciting

and safe.

Helping your baby reach milestones

Our educators will create an individual lesson plan based on your infant's developmental milestones, and plan activities that encourage his or her emerging skills! We'll engage your baby with eye-level communication, describing the world around them, reading to them, and playing games

with them.